Scent Descriptions


A La Pistache-  This scent is reminiscent of a creamy pistachio cake. This smells creamy and delicious like a perfect dessert.

Baby Powder- This scent is reminiscent of the classic fresh scent of baby powder.

Black Raspberry Vanilla- Our black raspberry vanilla scent is a smooth blend of dark berries with creamy vanilla. 

Blueberry Bliss- This scent is reminiscent of warm blueberry pie, with the top notes of fresh blueberry and vanilla.

Bubblelicious- This is a nostalgic sweet sugary bubblegum scent that screams summer fun. 

Caramel Creme- Caramel Crème is reminiscent of a brown sugar latte with a caramel drizzle. Perfect for the gourmand lovers just in time for fall.

Cherry Vanille- This scent is reminiscent of aroma sweet freshly picked cherries and warm vanilla.

Crisp Apple- This scent is reminiscent of a crisp fresh picked apple with a hint of juicy pear.  

Fruity Loops- This scent is a nostalgic scent that smell just like your favorite Fruity Cereal. 

Honeydew Melon- This scent is reminiscent of a freshly cut honeydew melon.

Lemon Poundcake- This scent is reminiscent of the classic freshly baked lemon poundcake as the names suggest. 

Luxury Rose- The scent is reminiscent of freshly picked roses and creamy vanilla. The perfect combination for everyday wear.

Mango Coconut-This scent is reminiscent of juicy mango and creamy coconut. 

Orange Dreamsicle- This scent is reminiscent of the nostalgic scent of a sweet orange creamsicle. 

Passion Amore- This is a tropical blend of top notes of passionfruit, pineapple and peach. 

Peach Nectar- This scent is a nostalgic of a juicy fully ripened peach.

Piña Colada- Our Piña Colada smells just like vacation in a jar. If you love Pina Colada, you will love the scent of our pineapple coconut product line.

Pink Sugar- Pink Sugar smells is a fruity mix of strawberry, raspberry, black currant and vanilla. It is very sweet yet feminine and one of our current best sellers

Sparkling Strawberry- Sparkling Strawberry is reminiscent of a fresh picked juicy strawberry.

Spun Sugar- This scent is reminiscent of the nostalgic scent of cotton candy, sweet and delicious, with a hint of vanilla.  

Sugar Cookie- Sugar Cookie smells like an enticing freshly baked sugar cookies with a touch of butter and sweet vanilla.  

Vanilla Bean- Our vanilla bean is a classic scent of sweet vanilla bean. The scent closely resembles vanilla icing. 

Velvet BananeThis delectable scent is reminiscent of a freshly baked banana nut bread.