Self Care Tips

Self Care simply is a way to take some time for yourself in efforts to preserve one’s health. Self care is known to aid in the reduction of  stress and anxiety which is more common than we realize. Most adults at some point in their lives will experience stress and some manifestation of anxiety.  

It is easy to get caught up in the world around us that we forget to take the time out for ourselves. However, it is always important to press that reset button whether it is a small action daily or something that you can fit in your weekly self-care routine. 

We often think of self care as something that can be put off for a later time, and the excuse is often that we are too busy. However, I challenge you to take the time out to start with simple actions and work your way into a more robust self care routine.

We have a few products to set the mood and add to your self care regimen. Starting off with our Soy Wax Candles which is not great for the environment,  but also a great way of setting the perfect ambiance to relax the mind and refresh your space. You will find that lighting a candle at the end of your day helps you to release the stressors of the day and helps the mind to wind down. 

Another way you can indulge in a self care routine is by taking the time to take care of your skin. Studies have shown that if your skin is moisturized it has more elasticity and may result in improved aging. Therefore, make an event out of your skincare routine and use natural ingredients to nurture your skin. Our Whipped Body Butters has organic unrefined shea butters, cocoa butter, and coconut oil which is great to help lock moisture in the skin. Finally, you can definitely use our luxury body oil as a post shower moisturizer. 

As we often say here at Lavish Butters self care isn't selfish, but rather a necessity. So kick your feet up and try the self care Sunday routine to start your week balanced.